We are the Official Importers and Distributos of PIAA Products in Cyprus since 1998. We are proud and confident in our quality PIAA products and that our customers are always left satisfied.


Our Company started back in 1998, when the founder of our Company Mr.Andreas Kitsios got in contact with PIAA Corporation in Japan to start distributing and importing PIAA Products from Japan to Cyprus.
Mr.Andreas Kitsios, at the time was importing cars from Japan to Cyprus through his family business. It was then that he noticed that most of the vehicles that they were importing from Japan had PIAA Products installed on them like PIAA Halogen bulbs,lamps and other PIAA technologies. After he got in contact with PIAA Corporation and expressed his ideas of promoting the PIAA brand in Cyprus. PIAA made our company the official PIAA Distributors in Cyprus.


Here at Hi-Tech Auto Ltd we firstly aim to educate the Cypriot people about PIAA and their amazing technology that they provide through their Automotive Products.
We also thrive to promote the PIAA Brand as much as possible in Cyprus.